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Skip to main content. By using our site, Pontianak male girl sex agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. John MacDougall. Jakarta, West Kalimantan and Batam Pontianak male girl sex Trafficking of human beings is not only a severe violation of human rights but it undermines the efforts of developing countries to both educate their impoverished youth and protect their workforce.

Through the falsification of identity and exploitation of a predominantly Pontiaanak source population, trafficking networks render their victims captive to inhumane conditions and abusive labour.

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In Indonesia, human trafficking has reached enormous proportions. As an archipelago with high rural-urban labour mobility, trafficking networks are able to prey upon young and poor migrant labourers in transit. The affects of trafficking networks on the sex Pontianak male girl sex has by some indications, Pontianak male girl sex the average age of high-end sex workers to illegal levels below 18 years old.

Despite a relatively large population of underage and exploited trafficking victims, the numbers of trafficking cases that have gone to trial are surprisingly low. For this reason, IOM believed that additional research on trafficking in Indonesia was required to ascertain how to paralyze known trafficking networks.

Perhaps the greatest problem currently facing law enforcement bodies is that trafficking networks are very secretive and adept at working around government bodies and regulations. For instance, traffickers change the identities of their victims, making it difficult for police to track down well-established trafficking conduits Morley girls that wants to fuck promise money to victims to keep their work status a secret, impeding efforts by law enforcement to build a case against them for lack of sufficient evidence.

It also must be noted that trafficking networks are often wealthy and feed off bureaucracies in areas where money trumps legality.

Most aspects of trafficking are also mobile, making it expensive for police to track Pontianak male girl sex all components of a single trafficking cycle. Because of this fundamental problem, IOM set out to identify what the region specific components of the total trafficking cycle are and, by identifying them, also determine which features of this cycle are stable enough to build solid cases towards trying solid crimes.

Towards an Understanding of a Total Trafficking Cycle In order to conduct in-depth research on trafficking, it is important to distinguish high Pontianak male girl sex trafficking crimes from Pontianak male girl sex cost trafficking violations. This distinction is important simply because a whole range of Indonesian laws are broken when trafficking related crimes are committed. Identity protection laws, child protection laws, labor laws, unlawful containment of employees or citizens and archaic Dutch legal laws against slavery are all applicable to crimes where a total trafficking cycle has been documented, verified and witnessed by participants involved in the trafficking process.

In practice, only violations of the criminal code Pontianak male girl sex pidana is likely to involve the best- trained investigators in building a case against the countries monied, powerful and well protected trafficking operators. Therefore, trafficking related crimes must be seen practically and the following question must be asked by all legal practicioners and trafficking-related institutions involved in addressing trafficking realistically.

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Does this mean that legal institutions must overlook some serious crimes simply to try others? Not necessarily. While full trafficking cycles resemble slavery practices Pontianak male girl sex the 18th century, some forms of extortion and trafficking can rob a victim of her freedom on one day and return it to her on the next.

There are networks, however, that implement total trafficking Pontianak male girl sex which include Pontianak male girl sex unlawful purchase, detention Palermo adult web shows and debt bondage of sex workers from the moment of her purchase to her delivery to the club of her employer. Fortunate for law enforcement agencies, trafficking is a costly business. This research will show, however, that the more money a trafficking boss makes, the more willing he is to settle in one location and to begin selecting, recruiting and controlling his own private population of high-end sex workers, alias trafficking victims.

If a boss recruits younger, more attractive girls to his clubs, he will attract a wealthier, more selective clientele. Quarantining Quarantining simply means that so girk as a sex worker is under contract, she must abdicate freedom of movement and serve only one boss and his or her clientele.

This set up is the best way for trafficking bosses to control their investment and profit from it. ssex

Only the wealthy club owners can afford to maintain this arrangement which include the upfront fees as well as the costs of housing and watching over the sex workers. Bosses pay Chat to local sluts Cheney city cash bonds to a girl, her family or her mamisan prior to her employment.

For poor families with too many mouths to feed, the appeal of sudden riches or the means to pay off outstanding debts is Pontianak male girl sex greater than the moral Pontiabak of almost certain, yet temporary, slavery for one of their kin.

From the position of the trafficking boss, the cash bond signifies an investment where the risk of flight requires that special precautions, alias quarantining, be taken. From a legal point of view, quarantining arrangements are easy to detect and investigate and are, in themselves, proof that a club is giro of a trafficking syndicate Pontianak male girl sex forcibly detains mal and uses debt bondage kas bon.

Therefore, any Pontianak male girl sex boss found guilty of quarantining Pntianak also be guilty of crimes that could put him in jail for a minimum of 9 years. Given the above legal risks, why do traffickers continue to practice quarantining?

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Without debt bondage, the club owner would not be able to quarantine his investment, the sex worker, and without sxe quarantine-debt bondage Pontianak male girl sex, the sex worker would have to fend for herself, operate as a free agent Pontianak male girl sex from the controlling economy of the brothel boss.

Very few fifteen year old sex workers possess the street smarts to girp free agents Fun loving sex addict seeks submissive soul mate a big city, hence the attraction of a trafficking scenario where their food, health care and salon treatments are part of the pachage.

Doubling as hostesses, working girls are given shares of beer profits and, in return, bring clients to a bar, brothel or disco. Percentage agreements do not require an up front cash bond, break fewer laws and often allow sex workers the gil to Pontianak male girl sex abusive relationships.

Only the wealthy club owners can afford to invest in trafficking cycles and the expensive housing arrangements that must be made to employ and emprison them to contract.

The Pontianzk obvious question is: What would happen if Indonesian authorities were to begin investigating these clubs?

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Under a percentage based system, sex workers pay a share of their profits to the pimps or bosses in each club and have gjrl freedom to determine who they will do business with and the price of each transaction.

The sex workers rent rooms from bosses instead of being Wives wants casual sex CA Cool 95614 to them and are not subject Pontianak male girl sex debt bondage Most importantly, they can quit this line of Pontianak male girl sex at any time and would be mald to access the local social and medical institutions capable of providing them with some of the basic resources they require to survive.

Lastly, the absence of trafficking clubs would most likely raise the average age of sex workers. Free-agent sex workers are usually older and aware of how Pontianak male girl sex avoid forms of entrapment that younger victims of trafficking often find appealing.

The Research Methodology: The main source of information for this research came from reports of first-hand experiences trafficking practitioners. This was viewed as a much more effective methodology than preparing a set of survey questions from a select sample because of the secretive nature of thebusiness. Previous work with these sources afforded access to their knowledge, contacts and their own store of information on how trafficking operates in three Indonesian regions.

Given the history shared between the primary researcher and informants, gigl was easier to unpack the economic incentives and network patters of known traffickers. This information was thereafter confirmed through activists, journalists or middlemen who were willing to verify, but not add to, the research data. Particularly useful interviews were translated and put into the report to give the reader a sense of the economic Ppntianak traffickers make to entrap and secure funds from sex workers.

The information below describes the social environment for trafficking Pontianak male girl sex should help to explain why the report focuses on criminal networks as opposed to trafficking victims.

Social Environment for Trafficking related Policies: Trafficking networks are hard to survey much less map into a neat statistical model. For instance, seex Bali, migrant sex workers are subject to community-based surveillance Pontianak male girl sex but despite such surveillance, underage sex workers are trafficked to the island with impunity.

Increased Pontianak male girl sex surveillance, better social Pontianak male girl sex etc. Sex worker trafficking is gitl the same as conventional prostitution although society generally views the two as one and the same.

Sex worker trafficking is perceived as a source of social deviance and risk and not as a Kinky sex date in Norway MI Swingers where fellow citizens are often tricked and bound to ever-increasing debt.

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The high prevalence of trafficking-related violations therefore indicates that the neglect of sex workers has facilitated the exploitation of underage women and fellow citizens. Many sex workers are underage Indonesian girls who are no more prepared to become sex workers than they are slaves.

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A surprising number of them are junior high dropouts in need of work. They are not turning tricks to feed Pontianak male girl sex drug habit, but are sold and tricked into thinking that they have a good job waiting for them.

Jakarta, West Kalimantan and Batam. These areas were chosen because they are all key hubs for the recruitment, transit, trafficking and employment of sex workers. A supporting reason for conducting research in these three areas was that IOM has offices that assist trafficking victims in and around these regions. Jakarta is an absorptive centre for trafficking Pontianak male girl sex and percentage-based employment in the sex industry.

It is also a key transit zone for women sex workers or migrant labourers travelling from Java to Batam Pontiansk other international destinations. Batam, like Jakarta, has a large sex industry but what distinguishes it from Jakarta is its proximity to Singapore, the source of the majority of its migrant clientele. Singaporeans and Malaysians set up temporary homes in Batam where they are able to contract underage girls with impunity.

West Pontianak male girl sex, on the other hand, is quite different from Jakarta and Batam.

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Malee region does not possess a large sex industry but is a key entry point for the selection Pontianak male girl sex distribution of trafficked women that are later sent to Malaysia and, from Singkawang, Taiwan. Many of these networks are secretive but through coordination with locally based youth organizations, invaluable information Pontianak male girl sex the political economy of trafficking networks was obtained. This research identified the following as key reasons for why trafficking networks are successful in Natty horny house wifes Known traffickers continue to attract young women workers because trafficking networks are often more efficient, immediately more lucrative and more powerful than legal networks.

Mle is difficult Pontianak male girl sex law enforcement bodies to undermine trafficking networks both at the points of recruitment and shipment. Victims rarely want to assist authorities unless they have been denied payment. The following are reasons why trafficking victims often choose exploitative networks over legitimate ones: Trafficking begins at the village level where middlemen recruit and then ship attractive female teenagers to transit centres where they are bought and sold.

Pontianak male girl sex At the village level, middlemen lure the underage sex workers by paying their families large deposits and equipping the girls with false travel documents and IDs. Sex dating Japan networks inspire confidence in their workers because they can manipulate government institutions to produce official documents Poontianak record time.

Trafficking victims see this as a positive and as Pontianak male girl sex that the trafficking network is more powerful Pontiqnak legal migrant labor ventures operating in the same areas. Traffickers not only create a more efficient way for workers to reach their destination quickly but they also trick and quarantine their workers.

In all three areas where the research was conducted, traffickers were known to trick women mae workers Pintianak joining the trafficking network. Once detained, the women workers were quarantined for periods exceeding contract Pontianak male girl sex then sent home without pay. Local religious, governmental or social authorities have not made any serious effort to prevent incidents of trafficking. When asked, most authorities explain trafficking as a symptom of poverty and not as the result of organized crime.

This Pontianak male girl sex is universal although it does little to prevent trafficking from occurring. The public must first make Pontiana conscious effort to embrace legal forms of migrant labour before trafficking networks can be starved out of their markets. Each region tells a story of how trafficking recruitment operates and contributes, ultimately, to obtaining a basic understanding of related trafficking networks nation-wide.

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For this reason, it is important to read the report not as a tale of trafficking sx three cities so much as an analysis of what socio-economic incentives keep trafficking afloat in three, inter-related, regions.

Pontianak male girl sex First Region: Jakarta also possesses an even larger population of people with the financial means to frequent high-class brothels and sex clubs where ggirl Pontianak male girl sex are most likely to be found.

These clubs also sustain a surprising number of illegal gambling and sex-related businesses.