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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Fashion can be high-end, avant-garde, commercial or casual. But in Denver, where most people like to dress for comfort and an outdoor lifestyle, cutting-edge style isn't easy to find.

Photographer Alexander Ablola and stylist Meredith MacNicholas decided to change that, teaming up on a creative agency that produces a biannual fashion magazine, Soft and Shallow. The third edition will be unveiled at a release party on July But beyond the structure, [fashion design] was too new of a program. I couldn't pay thousands of dollars to be a guinea pig. I knew I had to keep doing something with fashion, and that's when Meredith and I came up with the Soft and Shallow idea.

I love flipping through fashion magazines and being like, 'This a look I want to re-create, or I'm inspired by this. Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20 talked about it, joked about it, and then we were serious and sat down and had a meeting and we created it.

We actually Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20 did it.

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We made a Denver fashion magazine. A fashion magazine sparked by creative chemistry when they met while working at Buffalo Exchange.

It's too easy. It's too good. It's nice when you know someone like that and you don't have to over-explain yourself. You can just show each other a few images, and you don't have to go too in-depth. Everything just clicks. From the start, they agreed on goals for Soft and Shallow. MacNicholas is the stylist, Ablola the photographer.

We did not want our influence to sway the answers, so we decided to friemd away and see how much innocence we can get in a project like that. This is all about experimenting and trying new things.

We have talked about switching roles and are open to different creative endeavors. We have so many ideas. The future is limitless. The third edition, "Wet Ruffles," explores male platonic intimacy with a collaborative video as well as a Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20. Adds Ablola, "It's really about how men interact with each other physically, because we need to interact with each other physically.

Violence is the only way that men can touch each other and not have it be considered 'gay. It's a huge Coloraeo of my past.

Especially when it's violence against men, because that's who all of my violence has been acted out upon. That's a serious topic, but the announcement of Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20 release party invites all Denver fashionistas to "pull up and stunt on everyone," says Ablola. And for "Wet Ruffles"? Just be authentic as possible.

This one is gonna be an intense one," says MacNicholas. Working at Buffalo Exchange, MacNicholas has been collecting a style closet, and most of the pieces for their photo shoots come from there; she styles secondhand pieces to look like high-fashion editorial. We'll see what the future holds: Alex has been making more things.

Ablola has created two garments for photo shoots and plans to do more. From the beginning of Soft and Shallow, we have planned to slowly release my work into the magazine. I make menswear, but I am influenced by womenswear in terms of silhouette and textile.

I feel like there is a broad range of things to play with. Shop wherever you want to shop and wear whatever you want to wear.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. I think that's where fashion should be going. But will the fashion industry get there? Ablola has his concerns. There is a fashion show for every season, and then pre-fall, resort, and every city has a fashion week.

It's too much. Why is the calendar so crazy? It's burning out a lot of people. So people are rebelling by not following the system, or having men and women together in the same show. But it should really just go Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20 to two seasons. We don't need so many collections CColorado year.

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It's exhausting, it's overwhelming. It's too much all the time. We do this bi-annually because everything, regardless of fashion, comes out so quickly now. People don't really have time to ftiend it.

Having two issues a year is a good way for us to let people digest what we were trying to say with the issue. It gives people time to think of this product.

Everyone was like, 'The world is going femqle end,' but it didn't, so now let's just make the strangest clothing. I love the resurgence of it coming back now. Everyone looks like [futuristic Disney Channel film] Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. That's the vibe, for sure.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to get off that influence. The year was pivotal for both Ablola and MacNicholas. I was on that website in Femwle loved looking at brands like Supreme and A Bathing Ape. That was the genesis of fashion for me," recalls Ablola.

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The number-one way that people see fashion is through magazines; fashion magazines are forever. So why not add another to the pile? It is something you would want to hold on to for a while. Johnson fortuna nd. and MacNicholas do Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20 the work themselves, from the Plaonic and photo shoots to the layout; they use the magazine as an excuse to learn new skills and explore new creative outlets.

That's how we learned to bind the magazines by hand, and how Alex learned Friens and graphic design.

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Ablola plans to eventually return to fashion-design school to complete his degree. I have to get a degree because I want to be the best, and I have to know what the masters know," he says. I designed my first pair of pants with a sewing machine, and that was it. It felt good. I didn't Platnoic enough [in school], but in due time, I will. I'm saving my name for my brand when I'm forty.

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MacNicholas is evolving, Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20. I love grimy shit, too. It think it's important to have that vemale.

Something high-end with something thrifted, like in the styling. My number-one inspiration for ffmale in general is Eckhaus Latta.

I like not only the clothing they make, which is beautiful, but their runways and photo shoots are always as inclusive as possible with race, gender, and just feature all sorts of different people. That is something we strive to do with Soft and Shallow.

Platonic female friend 20 Colorado Springs 20

I can't stop. Doing that for myself is nice, but for other people, it's great to see what emotions and reactions people have when I style them.

I've been reading all over that Denver is a paradise for women I'd be interested in pursuing romantic and platonic relationships with people I never had any trouble dating in Colorado when in my s, but, I also had a. Hey Colorado Springs, I am still pretty new to town and asking with a friend of mine who is a recent This thread is depressing an a single 20 something Hey, I met one of my best friends on the "platonic" part of Craigslist!. Dec 22, slightly pathological platonic intimacy that can happen between women. The first time I saw her, the woman who would become my friend, best friend, of reach in my early 20s when I'd had not much more to ground my life than a . to do back handsprings at the same gym on the same summer day.

I want to be styling as many shoots as possible. My goal is to be a stylist. Ablola defines his own style as "maximum-minimalist, black and confidence.

friedn In eighth grade my friend showed me skateboarding and punk, and that was it. I love juxtaposition in general, and life itself is super-paradoxical: It is always trying to make two separate ideas into one seamless idea. The title of their magazine came from the two riffing off each other. We are funny people and we like to have fun.

It is very tongue-in-cheek," says MacNicholas.