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Blue mustang girl smiling at me

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When I look in the mirror now, it gives me pause.

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I stop. I lean in closer. Is this me?

Yes, it is. But, a new fact is now indisputable, as unbelievable as I once though it to be. I never imagined this would happen, but it did—after driving a mere two Ford Mustang s, I am a Mustang Woman now.

I Am a Mustang Woman Now

Damn it. Full disclosure: I paid for the vacation myself. I first became suspicious of this notion earlier in the fall, when I got behind the wheel of a dark blue Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack 2.

But the thesis was solidified into fact the following month during an extensive spell with a Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack 1. I heartily joined in on the laughing at them. Mustangs, as I understood it, were the bane of calm and peaceful gatherings.

Blue mustang girl smiling at me

Their drivers would show up in a herd and spend the entire time revving their engines, loudly blathering on about the supposed superiority of natural aspiration and large displacement, flexing biceps between sips of Monster Energy drinks.

Blue mustang girl smiling at me boys ,ustang drove Mustangs in my high school wore wife beater shirts and snapback hats without a whiff of irony. But being responsible for two Mustangs over two separate weeks has warped that mistaken way of thinking.

Driving the Mustang, I quickly found, was to be given a wide berth by both people smilibg other cars. Was it because of its violently orange coat of paint? Regardless, I liked the space. I felt cool in this silly car. I was seated low and the walls of the car are high, making Blue mustang girl smiling at me feel very much like operating a moving bunker. Could I see anything around me?

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I liked the way it sounded and delighted Blue mustang girl smiling at me how loud it is. Where would the Mustang take me that day? I have long suspected that easy and readily-available power makes an ass out of everyone, and I was right. Merging onto highways and passing slower cars became a great game of noise and acceleration.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I was acting like the worse version of a Mustang driver, poking the 5. The mph highway speed limits in Utah were a blessing.

The speed transmission on those long and lonely stretches of highway set the engine thrumming along at 2, rpm Blue mustang girl smiling at me the cruise control was set to skiling But when there were people to pass, they were passed with gusto.

I drove the orange Mustang around for nearly 1, miles over a seven-day period and came to another startling realization: This was a car I could live with.

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Absolutely so. Even the speed auto would be just fine, despite it being a little slow on the downshifts.

I was happy with the hard plastics, the manually adjusted seats and the cloth trim. Simple is good. What is it to be a Mustang Woman? Is it our mission to eradicate the murderous reputation that the Mustang has unfairly gained at the hands of Mustang Idiots?

Could be. To defend or turn a blind eye the next time an Blue mustang girl smiling at me wrecks their Horney women Golden Valley Arizona As a newly minted Mustang Woman, I believe that Mustangs are inherently good even if they may be largely owned by attention-seeking fools.

Just the other day, I witnessed a lovely, cherry-red Mustang hurl itself down a narrow city street, its four cylinders screaming at the hands of a mjstang dolt. It broke me. This is the reputation that I now must bear.

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There are good Mustang owners out there. I am sure of it. Maybe, just maybe, we can gradually turn this reputation around. The A.

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All Blie credits: Kristen Lee. Filed to: Share This Story. Five Things You Should Know. About the author Kristen Lee. Kristen Lee Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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